llegitimi non carborundum ;) (Don’t Let The B******s Grind You Down)

Bedroom Tax Is The New Victorian Window Tax

Today I’ve been working along side a range of people as they sign up to the GenieHomeSwap promotion and one thing has become clear.  There is one thing uniting us all, not only here in the UK but all over the world… What is it? The impending cuts that threaten us all! But the bigger question is do we agree with how our governments are spending our money? We keep seeing how MP’s in Britain can claim for holiday Homes,  Fuel Mileage and even the meals eaten at their meetings. Whereas their poor hard working commoners are scrapping the last of their food together to make ‘Friday night surprise’.  In America people are signing please do not resuscitate orders because they can’t afford the insurance anymore and their medical bills are too high. This is meant to be the time of freedom, a time of health, happiness and well being… But all I see is the on coming of destruction because our governments are just not in touch with the people they are supposed to represent.

In Britain we are still very much a divided society, one wherein the higher ranks of well-to-do families still have the idea that ‘If I can claim for it, then I bloody well should’ A land of ‘we are the entitled, so therefore we will’ when in fact there are now over 4,000,000 children suffering in hardship whilst the MP’s dine at the Ivy.

The reason that the politicians of this country just don’t understand their constituents (or could even comprehend how to begin living the life we do) is because the only time they come in contact with us is election time when they are rallying. Just because in America they employed Beyonce too shake her tushy (And whilst I’m not denying she doesn’t do it well) but what I’m getting at is it doesn’t mean the candidate knows anything about a country’s actual well being except for the tosh they are encouraged to feed them before show time. It’s actually a very clever sales pitch and they are using harmonic distortion to raise your moral……….Think about it

It’s the same here in England, candidates promise us the world and implement bedroom tax on the poor families who’s children have actually left the country now because the cost of living is too much or have moved to the other end of the nation to look for work. In the Victorian times we had window tax this is the same, don’t you think? Its just a way of the government trying to look proactive to the what they think is the important people in life. But that’s where they’re wrong!

I understand that plenty of rich people do fantastic things for charity but what they don’t realise is after claiming 15 years of child benefit for 4 children at £240 a month,  DLA at high care at £292 every month and the mobility part at another £290 on top of their 65,000 joint income is morally wrong when there are children suffering.  I understand that they give immense amounts to charities but most of these are in fact foreign ones.  Why not continue with what they are doing (with regards charity work) but not claim that extra £1000 a month in benefit or several thousand for that holiday home.  By claiming it, they have taken it from the ones who need it  most. People lose their homes, Their jobs everything as soon as they fall to behind the poverty line

The backbone of our nations are the hard working families, and those who love and support each other in times of need. These people who don’t judge you, or fleece you when you’re down on your luck. The people that stop to help you in the street.  The passionate people who when they see something stand up and shout ……………NO.

If they truly knew us, like I know the people where I live, they wouldn’t be treating us this way.  People are dying in my country because they are stripping their benefit away from them just to meet the latest government projection so they can continue to lie to the hierarchy and receive their bonus. The cost of living goes up benefit goes down. Tax cuts for the rich, and crippling penalties for the poor.

I would like you all to imagine them raising a silver spoon and shouting

‘All for one and one for all’

 If only that were true

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-20002362  Shocking


Mentoring Networks What A Fantastic Idea For Support

I’ve just come across a fantastic idea and it’s full of support, knowledge & connections. But the best bit is that it’s FREE. Now who can argue with that?

It offers businesses access to a list of quality-assured business mentoring organisations right across Britain. It has a really easy to use search facility, which allows businesses to search out particular requirements to suit their needs; depending on what stage their business is at. Also you can refine the search to a specific district, which I found extremely helpful.


Well it’s a fairly new initiative only active for the past two years, Drum roll please…………………


They are full of expert help and advice that’s invaluable to any business and could lead to funding options too. And it’s organised by the BBA (British Bankers Association)

Now I know full well if I had realised that this support was their I would possibly be in a better position, Hence why I am dedicating time to share this with you x

It’s a proven fact that businesses that seek advice and mentoring have a better change of survival and success. Mentors are very a godsend during those first few months of trading (the most uncertain).  A mentor not only has a number of skills from his own experience but a long line of contact and skills that will benefit you greatly.

Some times even the smallest decision can have a dramatic effect on our ventures so to have a mentor is very important. It’s also a piece of mind…. I like to think of them as a kind of guardian in a way. Whether its funding for a business start up or employing people for the first time a mentor will be bale to assist where others can’t. Sometimes that second opinion is all it takes to make a life changing decision that is absolutely amazing and if its achieved with a mentor you know you are on the right path x

The best bit at the end of your journey, You too will be ready to become a mentor and pass on those all important skills because that’s what it’s a bout networking and support. Its only a dog eat dog world if we make it that way.

Mentorsme.co.uk is the only one stop shop in the UK that covers the whole nation. It’s never been easier so please give it a try. Contact them and they will put you in touch with a mentoring organisation in your area that will then lead you to great things. This your chance to access a network of thousand of experienced mentors with a range of backgrounds and the service can be free or there is also a paid version depending on how much help you need.

To find a mentor, all you need to do is:

  • log on to www.mentorsme.co.uk
  • enter your criteria into the search facility to identify the most suitable mentoring organisations for your needs
  • look at the profiles of participating mentoring organisations and decide who you want to contact

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