A Positive Impact Upon Society :)

I have decided to write you a post to encourage you into the idea that whilst running a company you can also have a positive impact on society.

By encouraging a sense of social belonging, your customers will want to fight for you. Even defend your good name; you can build your business on a relationship that is filled with trust and respect. That is if you are prepared to go that extra mile!

How can you achieve this?

One method would be to donate a small portion of your profits to a charity fund you have created for the benefit of the communities your customers are a part of.

It’s a simple, easy and very effective way to make sure that you to can make a difference in a world that is so very hard for some people today to live in.

So how am I implementing this idea with my own company GenieHomeSwap? Well Homelessness has always been close to my heart and it’s something that with the new bedroom tax that’s coming is going to get worse. So with every £3.99 Gold Members subscription fee we are donating 25% every month from it and transferring it to our own homeless fund.

We have already organised to work alongside various soup kitchens supplying the homeless with thermals, waterproofs, compact sleeping bags, mini med kits, flasks, gloves, etc that will help keep them warm during the freezing months and hopefully could contribute to saving the lives of the most needy.

Winter is getting colder and the streets are going to get more crowded.

It is our intention to get the communities involved with this, an act that should help bridge relations between the everyday people and this nations homeless.

We will also have leaflets of advice for the homeless, and provide information packs and points of contact for them as in these worrying times we all need to help one another.

For our volunteers that dedicate their time and go beyond their means will be rewarded for their efforts.

This is my dream and I wanted to share it with you because if all business modules had this attached to it somehow what a wonderful world we would live in

Love to all x


It’s The Right Thing To Do

So I talked last night about whether or not I was going to load this piece, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s ok. The position I was in was caused by rising food and energy costs and lack of services for my disabled son, so we ended up getting ourselves into just debt trying to keep our heads above water.

As such I’m baring all to you, because when I launch my company you’ll know who’s gunning for you and that a person like me wont let you down. That I’m a real person, not someone who’s not in touch with society today. I believe something just has to change and if the government won’t help, then we will just have to adapt and survive the best way we can.

And it’s people like these guys who save lives in the UK everyday. To normal families and now working families like my husband and I, the cost of living is too much to bare especially with what they have done taking my sons disability money away for several weeks because I was late returning the forms. I was in hospital for god sake and it’s not like his Brain Damage or Autism are going to suddenly get better L

I frequently panic about how we’re going to do everything and if it weren’t for these people saving my family with a food parcel then my kids would have gone hungry.

I had the choice to move back here to my hometown of Salisbury, into a nice house with enough bedrooms for all of us…. or stay put in a horrid house that was too small, run down and just wasn’t safe. But the funding didn’t come through in time so instead of losing the tenancy we moved with our food money. A risk yes, but we had no choice we had waited so long on exchange sites and 2 years was long enough.

My friend told me about the food bank their called “The Trussell Trust” and they were with me within 2 hours with 4 boxes of food. They didn’t charge me or judge they just wanted to restore my faith in humanity again and they certainly did that. My children were so happy they received food that they hadn’t seen for a long time. Nice things but nutritional balanced unlike what I could have afforded at the time.

I hope you don’t judge me for this, as my position is tough enough especially when the programmers hired to code my website did that to me and took all of my funding.
So my friends, the Trussell Trust are organising a Christmas appeal so if you’ve any food tins in your cupboard that you don’t like or want, please follow these links as there will be numerous drop off points in supermarkets all over our country or chances are there will even be a foodbank in your town, you just don’t know it yet… I didn’t until I needed them x x

3 new banks open every week one word for that and that’s    WOW



I pledge that because they helped my family when we launch we will be having an annual foodbank bonanza appeal to raise awareness and to say thank you for saving us x x

So molly and the team if you see this it’s for you guys x x

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19953938 the video is me

http://www.trusselltrust.org/donate This is their work stunning beautiful people x

I hope you agree x

Will You Judge Me?

I am toying with an idea, whether I should put something on my blog

Its to direct people to a fantastic page about some friends who have helped me.

But you would also meet me, but I’m not looking at my best 🙂

So what would you do? Go :p in the face of society and not care about being judged…..or

Would you hold it back and hope your friends get enough coverage on their own x

I will sleep on it

It all comes down to the fear of being rejected by society. How silly to feel this way

Love to all x

Mentoring Networks What A Fantastic Idea For Support

I’ve just come across a fantastic idea and it’s full of support, knowledge & connections. But the best bit is that it’s FREE. Now who can argue with that?

It offers businesses access to a list of quality-assured business mentoring organisations right across Britain. It has a really easy to use search facility, which allows businesses to search out particular requirements to suit their needs; depending on what stage their business is at. Also you can refine the search to a specific district, which I found extremely helpful.


Well it’s a fairly new initiative only active for the past two years, Drum roll please…………………


They are full of expert help and advice that’s invaluable to any business and could lead to funding options too. And it’s organised by the BBA (British Bankers Association)

Now I know full well if I had realised that this support was their I would possibly be in a better position, Hence why I am dedicating time to share this with you x

It’s a proven fact that businesses that seek advice and mentoring have a better change of survival and success. Mentors are very a godsend during those first few months of trading (the most uncertain).  A mentor not only has a number of skills from his own experience but a long line of contact and skills that will benefit you greatly.

Some times even the smallest decision can have a dramatic effect on our ventures so to have a mentor is very important. It’s also a piece of mind…. I like to think of them as a kind of guardian in a way. Whether its funding for a business start up or employing people for the first time a mentor will be bale to assist where others can’t. Sometimes that second opinion is all it takes to make a life changing decision that is absolutely amazing and if its achieved with a mentor you know you are on the right path x

The best bit at the end of your journey, You too will be ready to become a mentor and pass on those all important skills because that’s what it’s a bout networking and support. Its only a dog eat dog world if we make it that way.

Mentorsme.co.uk is the only one stop shop in the UK that covers the whole nation. It’s never been easier so please give it a try. Contact them and they will put you in touch with a mentoring organisation in your area that will then lead you to great things. This your chance to access a network of thousand of experienced mentors with a range of backgrounds and the service can be free or there is also a paid version depending on how much help you need.

To find a mentor, all you need to do is:

  • log on to www.mentorsme.co.uk
  • enter your criteria into the search facility to identify the most suitable mentoring organisations for your needs
  • look at the profiles of participating mentoring organisations and decide who you want to contact

Types of Business

Private company

Public limited company


Social enterprise


Business Sector:


Business and Finance




Hospitality and Catering

Information, Communication and Media



Real Estate

Science and Technology

Service Industries

Transport and Distribution

Travel and Leisure


Wholesale and Retail



Northern Ireland



We’ll Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends X

Time to find more help for you x 

Over the next 24 Hours I will be uploading as much information to help you guys with your business start up.


Because I don’t want the same thing to happen to you as it did to me with regards the whole Quantum fiasco.

If there’s anything that you’re unsure about, please don’t hesitate to contact me by private message and I will endeavour to help you anyway I can.

If more people offered simple help and support to one another then the world will be a brighter place. That’s why GenieHomeSwap has a discount card attached to it and a homeless fund at no cost to the users. Genie is all about the customers and that’s how business should be.

I hope my advice helps you x 

Let me now how you get on x

Love to all x x


Yes real business Angels, not rip off money grabbing convention hosting con artists :)

Hi All,

Have you ever felt like everywhere you turn when looking for funding, it’s very similar to a house loan?
Do you get bombarded with emails or phone calls from brokers? ………………… Or that’s all you seem to come across on the net when looking for funding.
Me too Grrrrrrrrr

They only want you to pay a ridiculous fee; apparently this enables them to match you with an investor. Half the time I read reviews on these things and the poor entrepreneurs money has just been taken and they hear nothing back. So be warned, Please do you homework my friends as this piece of advice is priceless whereas not doing it could cost you everything.
Companies that ask a fee before anything could have a string of what I call ‘phantom investors’ on their books. Or on the other hand the fee is so high to join (several thousands) that it doesn’t make sense because if I had that kind of money I would be investing straight back into my company, Wouldn’t you?
Does this all sound familiar?

Yep again me too…………………..So Because I am so cautious at finding organisations for funding options when I find a good one I will share with you x x
Once bitten twice shy and all although my problem was my programmers liquidating and taking everything
I have found a fantastic bunch of investors that will not rob or prevent you from reaching your dreams.


02031 784005

No more ……………….. Broker types………………………..Straight to the Angels x

How it should be done x

Hope it helps I’m going to give it a whirl if there is no options from Dee my area business adviser

Good luck all x x x