1000 Free Life Time Accounts Up For Grabs x

Hi Guys

Its been a fab day even considering the weather, the heavens haven’t stopped šŸ™‚

So on GenieHomeSwaps Listings page on Facebook we’re doing a promotion.

People are already listing their houses nicely, but we need more x

Here’s the the good bit x

We’re giving away 1000 FREE life time accounts with full access to the discount card and monthly draws forĀ when the GenieHomeSwap website goes live.

Just to re-cap GenieHomeSwap is a social housing exchange website, Although we will also be able to do this for home-owners too in the nearĀ future.

Please feel free to come over and list your property if you’re a social housingĀ tenant. By following the link šŸ™‚ once you have listed your property please PM us your email and we will keep it safe and confidential.

Please be assured you details will never be sold to another party Genie would rather go back into her lamp than do that x

If you are a social housing landlord and feel that yourĀ tenantsĀ would benefit from this please contact us and we’ll send you a poster to put in your office šŸ˜‰ and aĀ promotionalĀ mug to say thank you x

Please follow this link x


Or follow me on Twitter under x


This ride will be amazing if you believe, I know I do x

Remember it’s the FIRST 1000 PLACES ARE Ā FREE on GenieHomeSwap.com when we launch

After that its Ā£1.99 to Ā£3.99 a month……………… That’s it šŸ™‚

So what do you have to lose except the house you no longer want x


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