Will You Judge Me?

I am toying with an idea, whether I should put something on my blog

Its to direct people to a fantastic page about some friends who have helped me.

But you would also meet me, but I’m not looking at my best 🙂

So what would you do? Go :p in the face of society and not care about being judged…..or

Would you hold it back and hope your friends get enough coverage on their own x

I will sleep on it

It all comes down to the fear of being rejected by society. How silly to feel this way

Love to all x


2 thoughts on “Will You Judge Me?

  1. Thank you for following my blog. The fear of rejection can be very strong. A lot will depend on the support you have around you, but is society worth it all. So society may reject you, but look on a positive, if you do something you wish to do, then look at your sense of achievement. Any way who cares about society. Friends are worth more than society

    • That is true. When I did the story people started to help them so how can it go wrong. This blog is a personal journey as well as an education if you will. I did promise ups and downs so why not. For my family it was a low point until these people stopped that. To help them cant be wrong 🙂 Your input is very much appreciated thank you

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