Mentoring Networks What A Fantastic Idea For Support

I’ve just come across a fantastic idea and it’s full of support, knowledge & connections. But the best bit is that it’s FREE. Now who can argue with that?

It offers businesses access to a list of quality-assured business mentoring organisations right across Britain. It has a really easy to use search facility, which allows businesses to search out particular requirements to suit their needs; depending on what stage their business is at. Also you can refine the search to a specific district, which I found extremely helpful.


Well it’s a fairly new initiative only active for the past two years, Drum roll please…………………

They are full of expert help and advice that’s invaluable to any business and could lead to funding options too. And it’s organised by the BBA (British Bankers Association)

Now I know full well if I had realised that this support was their I would possibly be in a better position, Hence why I am dedicating time to share this with you x

It’s a proven fact that businesses that seek advice and mentoring have a better change of survival and success. Mentors are very a godsend during those first few months of trading (the most uncertain).  A mentor not only has a number of skills from his own experience but a long line of contact and skills that will benefit you greatly.

Some times even the smallest decision can have a dramatic effect on our ventures so to have a mentor is very important. It’s also a piece of mind…. I like to think of them as a kind of guardian in a way. Whether its funding for a business start up or employing people for the first time a mentor will be bale to assist where others can’t. Sometimes that second opinion is all it takes to make a life changing decision that is absolutely amazing and if its achieved with a mentor you know you are on the right path x

The best bit at the end of your journey, You too will be ready to become a mentor and pass on those all important skills because that’s what it’s a bout networking and support. Its only a dog eat dog world if we make it that way. is the only one stop shop in the UK that covers the whole nation. It’s never been easier so please give it a try. Contact them and they will put you in touch with a mentoring organisation in your area that will then lead you to great things. This your chance to access a network of thousand of experienced mentors with a range of backgrounds and the service can be free or there is also a paid version depending on how much help you need.

To find a mentor, all you need to do is:

  • log on to
  • enter your criteria into the search facility to identify the most suitable mentoring organisations for your needs
  • look at the profiles of participating mentoring organisations and decide who you want to contact

Types of Business

Private company

Public limited company


Social enterprise


Business Sector:


Business and Finance




Hospitality and Catering

Information, Communication and Media



Real Estate

Science and Technology

Service Industries

Transport and Distribution

Travel and Leisure


Wholesale and Retail



Northern Ireland




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