Honesty Is The Best Policy

The funny thing is people wouldn’t have suspected a thing if they hadn’t cut off communication like that and fled in the evening with all their furniture. I have emails of lie after lie and major contradictions about what was happening. All they had to be was honest.

That’s if they were genuine???? but who can blame the 700+  for thinking they weren’t when this is how we all have been treated. Then there is the fact that quite a few of the managers have had companies that have liquidations attached to their names….several, also not good…………..

So many peoples businesses and homes under threat when times are already tough and they can just set up again.

I have found this hard because we were connected in the personal world too so it changes the dynamics a bit. They knew about my brain damaged son and my health. When I purchased my site there was no way they could deliver and they knew that……………..Unless they were in complete denial

I really hope 700+  make it and find another hosting provider and technical help.

As for me? well only time will tell and a lot of work, health permitting.

I know one thing,  that’s for sure…………..When I make  promises to  customers I will move heaven and earth to keep them.  If there’s ever a problem I will go straight to my client and advise them if it cant be resolved within Genie.  Communication is key in business and I will never forget it’s all about the customer, That’s what matters to me and to the majority of business owners.

Without them we would be nothing, People forget that

I just hope that someone someday will have the same faith in Genie as I do

My meeting is on the 17th fingers crossed x x x

Love to all x x


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