Saving Genie (Part 3)

Ok so I have just received the programmers quote (and its for the two sites that I need to make the whole genie package work…….)

So has anyone got £18,000 I could borrow for a share in her?………….. No didn’t think so :p

On a serious note though, this is the only way to make her take the #1 spot and make sure my users can save hours on their searching time.

So how am I going to do it?

With guts, Manners and a hell of a lot of faith in the Genie project (which I have in abundance). If I can pull this off then not only can I help my family but the masses of homeless people out there too.

My updated proposal is almost ready to go over to the Business Angel, I just hope he sees her the same way I do

I never thought in a million years I would be back fighting for her to work and for my family’s survival again. When I received the original funding I was on top of the world! I was finally amounting to something, and those memories of teachers and bullies saying ‘you’ll never make it loser’ were no more.

Only that didn’t happen…. As myself and at least 700 other users have been maliciously conned by the rogues from ‘Quantum Web Solutions’.  As  a “New” company ‘Irun’ who isn’t the old Quantum has taken over,  so all former Quantum customers are faced with having to pay out even more money, or have their websites taken off line and deleted at the end of the month.


Life will get easier because now I’m saying “IT WILL”. Whether I’m ill or not, it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is finding the strength to do this and for some reason sharing my thoughts with all of you really is helping.

So then friends… any suggestions for the girl who has an answer for everything and is suffering a slight case of cold feet?

The Angel is the only way……………So if you believe in magic, faith or even a god please put in a good word for me I think I may need it

X x x Genies Mum x


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