I Never Thought In A Million Years

Just found out that from the 31st October all my financial help will stop.

I have 4 children and I’m trying desperately to better our lives and they do this to me.

This is because when I had a simple operation it went very wrong.  It had a knock on effect with deadlines because the forms had  to be in by the end of the month (they were 3 days late). When I was rushed back into hospital the DSS think I should be able to fill forms in from my bed side.  Hard when you’re not even with it and in agony from a screw up the NHS had made.

Now it’s classed as a new claim for DLA for my son. We may never get it back even though brain damaged (look at all the horror story’s in media) My Carers Allowance and the help with my rent has stopped as a result.

I could lose my home as it’s a new tenancy and they said NO RENT ARREARS

I have lost what little help my family had

Makes it even harder to save Genie Home Swap

Today is a crap day

Simples  (I hope your’s is better x)


5 thoughts on “I Never Thought In A Million Years

  1. luttrellg says:

    Oh wow, looks like you’ve got an extremely challenging few months ahead of you. Wishing you all the best – you GOT this, ya hear me? You’ll have to grow in big ways to deal with this slew of new hurdles, and supporting four kids along the way is gonna be tough, but you’ll come through it more evolved. Stronger.

    – Garrett Luttrell

    • Thank you for your kind words. Knowing that even people across the globe are rooting for me has really touched me. In this day and age real kindness is a beautiful thing and I thank you for making my day brighter. Take care my friend and thank you for the inspiration

    • Luttrellg, Thank you for your kind words. I have been so busy that I thought I sent you a comment back but it seems I haven’t, and for this I apologise. Your comment really touched me and helped me feel less alone in my fight to save Genie. The more I uncover about the rogue programmers that have wrecked nearly 700 lives the more determined I become. I fear now though after the quote I have received Genie may become just a dream. But I will never know unless I try………….. and I managed it before 😀

      I wanted to say that you’re a very empathetic and compassionate person to be able to connect with your readers/bloggers this way and that my friend is a true virtue. A quality like this is very rare these days and one I’m sure you will pass on to whom ever you meet. Thank you again…….Jessie (Genies Mum)

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