The Rewards Of Motherhood For Me

The Rewards Of Motherhood For Me

When you open your eyes and look down at your tiny bundle. The overwhelming feeling you get inside knocks you for six. This tiny, tiny baby is now the center of your universe, your everything.

You are now in charge of helping another human reach his or hers full potential in life.

How exciting
Here’s a sneak peek into my families life, why they make me smile and how they are the driving force behind my passion to make Genie work.

Your house filled with laughter on a dark wet autumn day,
The warm cosy cuddles reading about princes and princesses at play,

Hysterical questions that nearly make you crash the car 🙂
Or the very sweet quality of not wanting Mummy to go far,

The needing ‘Mummy Doctor to come quick, quick, quick,
And being the on call medic when everyone is sick, sick, sick,

My reward is ‘I love you Mummy’ shouted at the top of her lungs,
Or ‘Mum listen to this’ CRASH, BANG, WALLOP when he demos on his drums 🙂

They have taught me patience, love and even remind me to have fun,
My dream job was just this, ‘becoming a Mum x,

My dreams, my wishes, my loves, all that I AM,
My Rowan, My Briar, My Willow, My Heather,

And of course my Husband Taran x x x


Jessica McCarnun


2 thoughts on “The Rewards Of Motherhood For Me

  1. Julie says:

    Being a mom is tough and rewarding for sure!
    I actually just wrote a light-hearted parenting article for my column in this week’s paper in you want to check it out:
    Thanks and good luck!

  2. A very true and amusing article that’s also written beautifully. It was a joy to read, and I related to it all. Thanks for sharing. I’m hoping that with increased support from my blog, it will raise awareness of how to restart your own business after a company liquidates and takes everything. This will be an emotional journey as its aim is to support my disabled children (hence the pain when they liquidated when we were so very close to launching).

    With People like yourself contributing, it seems even more feasible

    Thanks once again x

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