What a fantastic start to the day!

For anyone who is living in Wiltshire or any area in England (Scotland may be different) I would advise you to contact your local council they are particularly helpful with regards these matters.

Wiltshire Council advised me to contact:

BA14 8AU

Telephone: (01225) 355553
Fax: (01225) 355554

Website: www.wessexchambers.org.uk

They were AMAZING 🙂 I now have a business support manageress in the name of

Dee Temple-Multon: 07730 870193 (Her number was given to be by chamber of commerce, so I assume it fine to post it here) She is the Business Manager At Wiltshire Business Support Services she is able to help anyone with these topics

  • career opportunities
  • consulting offers
  • new ventures
  • job inquiries
  • expertise requests
  • business deals
  • reference requests
  • getting back in touch

So if you need advice or if you are in the Wiltshire area and want to start a business this is your first port of call.

This will work in any area just contact your local council first.

Never trust a company on the net that promises to loan you money in an email or especially a website you have just come across.  I find 9/10 times you will end up with hidden costs and fail before your start. One thing that is vital in all of this is your research,  I found this the hard way.

Even if you think you have looked hard enough at a possible partner, investor or even loan provider, Dig that little bit deeper. It won’t do any harm unless there is something to hide

I will let you know what Dee says x x x x

Love to all


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