I have also found another option too. A company similar to Impetus Marches (my original funders) these type of low interest rate loan companies are usually heavily funded by the EU. They are designed to inject money into small business ventures that they believe will work. 

They are great for people who can’t find funding anywhere else. They are low interest and usually come with support and a great supply of contacts. If you live in the Wiltshire area and you have tried your bank, council even exhausted the option of grants….

Then these guys are for you x

South West Investment Group Services Ltd

(01872) 223 883

Registered Office: Lowena House, Glenthorne Court, Truro Business Park, Threemilestone, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 9NY

Registered in England No: 2688108


If you live in a different area and want help with finding something similar. Then drop me a message I will help you find something. 

Were in this together x


I have also fou…


2 thoughts on “I have also fou…

  1. I enjoy reading a blog that is not self-interested, but offers value to others. Thank you. Gregory

    • Hi Gregory, Thank you for your kind comment. In this day everybody needs all the help and support they can get, Including me. This is why when I launch my business there will be a homeless fund attached to it. This will mean in the winter months Genie volunteers will go out across the UK handing out much needed supplies to the less fortunate. Thermals, Gloves, Hats, Mini med kits, Sleeping bags and food. With the economic climate going the way it is and more and more families losing everything, Homelessness will be on the rise. My belief is that if I’m going to reap the benefits of a company then I should spread that benefit to many. I will do this by taking 99p from every customers monthly fee and that sits at just £3.99. They will know then that when they walk down the street and see charity collectors, They don’t have to be embarrassed anymore if they cant afford to help because we are doing it for them, Its a win win situation. Some of the other sites are very poor functionality wise and are defiantly not ascetically pleasing and that is their customers view not mine. They have to date over 64000 customers this has grown by 10000 all paying up to the same each month as what I charge. I offer though a discount card that will be usable all over UK and other great promotions . Even if I get a small amount of the market that would be great as there is over 2,000,000 tenants that want to exchange. That would mean I can take care of my family, build a nest egg for my disabled son for when I’m no longer here and also help others. That’s my dream that’s why I need to save Genie. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Its odd because earlier I was pulled away from reading your piece on negotiation tips. Sorry this reply’s so long I’m just very passionate about this whole journey and thought you would be interested in the motives behind Genie. Kind Regards Jess

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