And so it begins…

Today I started a blog and here I am. My idea in all of this is to reach out to the world and raise awareness of not only what happened to me, but also how I am going to turn it into a positive venture that will benefit all whom come across it. Whether its laughter, crying, frustration, sadness, elation  we will have it all. If there is one thing I have learned in the past 12 months of trying to get an idea of the ground, it’s that there is no better remedy than getting back into the thick of it and trying again x

So it is my intention to make this blog my families self-fulfilling prophecy. It will be about how we will be able to save from the brink of no return my idea that is capable of changing many lives.

Why do I feel the need to do this? simple, because my son Rowan has brain damage and severe autism and I’m not going to be alive forever. This is the only way I can guarantee his safety after my Husband Taran and I are no longer living . No employer will give me a chance because of my poor health  (you wouldn’t believe me so i’m not telling x) So this is my way to gather a nest egg for my son for when were gone and he needs care.


I want this blog to have topics and tips regarding x

1. My role as a Mother and the hardships my family has endured and is facing at present due to being screwed over by our programmers.

2. How hard it is to achieve your dreams when cruelly snatched away from you by rogue companies like Quantum Web.

3. How we as a family will financially recover within 12 months (from the start of the blog) and how I have achieved it.

4 What Genie is truly going to be, and what she will be able to achieve for my family and everyone she comes into contact with.

5. Genies Homeless fund ‘The Dream’ and how I believe in this day and age if I can run a business, that I can also improve and even save the lives of others in the process.

6. Finally; My son Rowan who is my inspiration. How no matter what; even in the face of being disabled and facing several difficulties, He never backs down……..So Mummy won’t either x

Hope you enjoy x x

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